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SBA Team

Experts in the Field

Meet the SBA Team

Kimo Brandon


Linsey Brandon


Lani Friedhaber, J.D.

Company Attorney

Mark Friedhaber

Firearms Sales

Louis Yunker

Procurement/Firearms Sales

Robert McGonigle

Firearms Sales

Ray Krolczyk

Firearms Sales/Gunsmith

Wendy Krolczyk

Firearms Sales

Mike Kriegbaum

Customer Service Manager

Zack Friedhaber

Firearms Sales/Gunsmith

Wyatt Krolczyk

Master Gunsmith Apprentice

Jerry Kania

Training Officer/Glock Armorer

Jill Tobin

Marketing/Administrative Strategist

Kalayne Friedhaber

Compliance Manager

Tyler Friedhaber

Firearms Sales

Cory Weber

Firearm Sales

Dave 2
Dave Benzee

Training Officer/Firearm Sales

Ed Wiesner

Per Diem

Arlene Brandon

Per Diem